ROUGH CLEANING: Post-construction clean-up before finish cleaning.

FINISH CLEANING: A detailed cleaning that prepares for the initial inspection by the owner.

  • Clean all thresholds of debris, cement, stucco, etc.
  • Clean the inside of all windowsills and tracks.
  • Clean the inside of all cabinet drawers, doors and shelves, including tracks and hardware.
  • Clean sanding dust off cabinets, woodwork, walls, and ceiling beams.
  • Remove paint, over-spray, glue and stains on floors.
  • Clean fireplaces, including doors, interiors and hardware.
  • Remove all stickers and labels on all fixtures.
  • Remove packing for appliances. Place all warranty and instruction documents at location designated by the Project Manager.
  • Remove protective film from appliances. Dust/wash and shine all appliances.
  • All windows, sliding glass and French doors to be cleaned inside and outside.
  • All paper labels to be removed.
  • Clean and install window screens as requested.
  • Remove caulking and paint from windows as required, final squeegee after landscaping or as directed by the Project Manager.
  • Clean and polish mirrors.
  • Clean and polish light fixtures (including exterior fixtures).
  • Clean all counters, showers, tubs, tile, granite and marble.
  • Remove paper from the floors. Clean all floors, including wood, tile and stone floors.